Woman with Elbow Pain | Burle Chriopractic

While some elbow injuries like bruises heal on their own rather quickly, more serious injuries, like tennis elbow, require professional medical attention. If you are experiencing elbow pain for more than a few days, it could indicate a deeper underlying problem that will need to be addressed before your elbow is restored to health. Some other signs that you should see a doctor include:

  • Difficulty carrying objects
  • Difficulty straightening your arm
  • Direct injury to the elbow
  • Swelling

If a child is experiencing elbow pain, contact a medical professional regardless of length of duration.

Elbow injuries can have many different causes, from overuse to fractures, so if you are suffering from one of the symptoms above, you should seek medical attention before the condition worsens. At Burle Chiropractic, we apply a rigorous approach in diagnosing elbow related ailments, and treatments may include rest, physiotherapy, hot and cold treatments and medication.